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Babies grow up

Babies grow up fast, clothes don't

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As your baby grows, you need to purchase a new set of baby clothes every few weeks or months. It is expensive, it is wasteful, and it is time-consuming, but it not the only way.

Join the Numidan family and make sure your newborn baby always has the right-sized clothes to wear.

We were founded to address the need of newborns’ parents having to shop regularly for baby clothes that their child will soon outgrow. Numidan works on a subscription circular economy model wherein we deliver high-quality clothes to your doorstep for every period of your baby’s growth cycle. In turn, we accept your baby’s outgrown clothes, put them through a specialised laundering process, and

The clothes are made of 100% high-grade cotton. High quality and long-lasting clothing are a necessity for the circular economy model to thrive, and as such, it is in our best interest to provide you with the best clothes possible.

With this model, we offer three solutions at a single go.




Seeing one’s child grow is a beautiful thing. However, frequently shopping for new clothes, while figuring out what to do with old clothes, can be a hassle. Numidian makes things convenient for you. We ensure that you get a package delivered to your doorstep regularly for each of the baby’s growth cycles. The package contains a good quantity and variety (11 items per stage) of clothes to accompany your baby through the next couple of months. You will also find a return pre-paid satchel in the package. We trust you to pack all of the baby’s

  • No need to spend precious time shopping for clothes
  • No need for extra storage space
  • Package delivered to your door
  • Free delivery




Having to purchase a whole set of new clothes every few months is costly. High-quality baby clothes can be expensive. Numidan can help. If you join this circular economy, you can have 11 items of clothing delivered to your doorsteps periodically for a very reasonable monthly subscription fee. All our clothes bear attractive designs and are 100% cotton. In addition to their quality, the clothes are their own unique label. The proper functioning of this circular economy depends on the clothes being durable and having a long life-span. It is in our interest to offer you baby clothes that are of the very best quality.




According to studies, Australians dispose of 23 kilograms of textile per person into landfills each year. These textiles products and fibers may even take several decades to decay. Numidan is a firm believer in sustainable growth and development. Our circular economy model ensures that we only dispose of clothes when we have to, and not sooner. As long as the baby clothes maintain their quality, they remain in circulation, moving from one child to the next. In the process, we lower the burden placed upon our environment. After the clothes have outlived their use, we do not send them to landfill. They are handed over to charitable organisations where they may be used further.

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