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How are the clothes cleaned upon return to Numidan?

After we receive the clothes, we get them professionally cleaned by a skilled and well-reputed laundering agency.

Will I be charged if a piece is lost or damaged?

If an item is damaged or lost during the subscription, please notify us as soon as it happens. Lost or damaged items, beyond normal wear and tear, will incur a $15 fee (per piece). For additional information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

How should I wash the clothing?

  • Wash with similar colours
  • Do not use any bleach
  • Wash clothes inside out (to protect the prints)
  • Use a mild detergent intended for delicate items
  • Set your washing machine to cold or 30 degrees, and its agitation cycle to delicate
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron on a low or medium heat only. Steam may be used from time to time in short bursts. High heat may damage the prints.

Can I mix and match?

You can choose between two different packages. However, the content of each package is fixed, and cannot be altered for individual requests.

What are the sizes of clothes currently available? Are the different sets identical to each other?

We currently offer three baby sizes – newborn, 0-3 months, and 3-6 months. These sets are all identical to each other, with the same designs, and same combinations of clothes, but in different sizes.

Can I wash the packaging bag?

The clothes will be packaged in a 100% cotton draw-string bag. The bag is washable, but we request that you leave that to us. However, please make sure that you only place clean clothes in them.

What does the subscription include?

The subscription includes 11 pieces of 100% cotton clothing. Each pack consists of the following pieces – 4 rompers, 3 pairs of pants, 2 long sleeve one-pieces, 1 short sleeve one-piece, and 1 hat.

Do you also ship interstate or internationally?

We ship anywhere in Australia. For international orders, please email us at info@numidan.com.au

How is the package delivered?

The packages will be delivered to your given address via Australia Post. A signature will be required upon receipt.

What happens if I change addresses mid-way through a subscription?

Log back to your account and notify Numidian so that we can send your next shipment to your revised address.

How do I return the old package?

Log in to your account and notify Numidian that you would like to return the package. You can also request delivery of the next package.

Should I wash the contents before returning?

The clothes will be put through an independent laundering and quality inspection at our end. However, we ask that you return the clothes in a clean condition.

When should I return the old subscription package?

We advise that you return the old package only upon receipt of the new package so that your child always has a set of clothes at hand.

How do I order?

You will have to create an account with Numidan. You can do no by clicking on ‘My Account’ on the top-right corner of the screen, and then fill in your details under ‘Register’. You can also click on either ‘Set A’ or ‘Set B’, select your preferred size, and proceed to your ‘Cart’. Next, enter your delivery address and payment details.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind, or if you are unhappy with the clothes you receive, you have up to 10 days (from the day you receive your first package) to cancel the subscription and return the clothes for a full refund. Please send an email to info@numidan.com.au with your refund request.

How do I pay?

You need to enter your credit card details, following which an automatic payment will be made every month.

When is the payment debited?

The first payment will be debited from the nominated account as soon as you receive the package.

What if my credit card can't be debited?

If payment cannot be completed, you will be contacted so we can resolve the issue. If the payment is more than 7 days late, the agreement will be terminated.

What size is right for my baby?

You can go through the size chart to determine the ideal fit for your child. To have a look at the size chart, click here >

What sizes do the subscriptions cover?

The following sizes are currently covered by Numidan.

0-3 months
3-6 months
Sizes to be soon covered by Numidan:

6-9 months
9-12 months
12-18 months
18-24 months

Does the monthly cost cover everything?

The monthly subscription is inclusive of everything — the clothing, delivery, and the return.

What do I do if I need to update any information?

Log in to your account and update your profile information accordingly.

How do I manage/cancel my subscription?

To inform us of new size needs, or to edit/update/cancel your subscription, please log in to your account and follow the online prompts.

What if I am not satisfied with the quality that I have received?

All of our clothes and packages are thoroughly inspected for quality before leaving our facility. However, in case you deem the quality of the clothes to be unsatisfactory, please email us within 5 days, and we will endeavour to send you a replacement as soon as possible.